Staffing and Organizatonal Assessments

Understanding the gap between what you have and what you need

The pace of change can be difficult to calibrate unless your team is built with diverse and nimble skills. A staffing assessment consists of a very personalized assessment of the team and the individuals within it and within the context of the organization's culture and values. LML Marketing & Communications conducts many staffing assessments. The process is altered to match the needs of the client, but often consist of:

  • In-depth interviews with the unit leader and his/her senior team
  • Group interviews with departments
  • Interviews with clients and leaders of important units outside of the division assessed
  • Interview with the president/CEO to ensure that the assessment ties to the organization's strategic planning goals
  • Benchmarking of up to three peer institutions for the purpose of considering their staffing strengths and weaknesses
  • Delivery of preliminary report to the unit leader
  • Discussions with the senior leadership team and then the entire team about the findings
  • Recommendations for moving current staff into more contemporary positions or providing training to update their skills
  • Recommendations for hiring new talent not currently in the office

Much of the time this works leads to a continuation of the work into writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan that is built by the entire team with enthusiasm and buy-in. 


CASe study: university of virginia

High quality teams that want to work in continuous improvement

The University of Virginia Marketing and Communications team produces excellent quality materials. Their talent is outstanding and their support for building and protecting the institution's reputation is superior. But, with a new president and a need for a new three-year marcom plan, the team is working with Luanne Lawrence to assess their current staffing and planning and to make decisions about how to strengthen their team and approaches in the next three years. Beginning with a staffing assessment, UVA is hiring talent to fill skill gaps - mostly professionals who work in digital and interactive media. With research in hand, interviews with key leaders about the future of communications, and discussions university-wide, the team is writing the next plan that promises to be progressive and anticipatory of the many changes ahead for both UVA and the marketing industry.