interim leadership

When you are "in between" marcom leadership....

Luanne Lawrence has served on-site and  through a combination of on-site and remote support as an interim leader of marketing and communications units as a search ensues. If you find yourself between leaders for your marketing and communications division, the work needs to continue, and the team needs to continue to grow and develop. Luanne Lawrence offers the following kinds of interim services: 

  • Writing an integrated marketing communications plan while the hiring process is in motion
  • Continuing to guide and implement existing plans with the entire team, including holding staff accountable for metrics and accountability measures
  • Conducting a staffing assessment and providing training in contemporary areas to teams that are awaiting the arrival of a new leader
  • Mentoring/coaching staff as they move into interim leadership positions
  • Advising senior teams on marketing and communications challenges and opportunities
  • Working with boards and senior teams to write presidential leadership transition plans
  • Training staff in managing change and preparing everyone for the arrival of a new leader

References for this service are available upon request.