Content: Internal, Crisis, Engaged, Social, Proactive, Strategy

We have heard over and over that "content is king." Yet, many marcom professionals are so consumed with the urgent and immediate that they aren't able to find the time for content strategy. Without a plan for messaging, how do organizations know how to target their audiences and convince them to engage? 

LML Marketing & Communications has helped clients with a range of communications strategies:

  • Revamping media relations and incorporating digital thought leaders into your communications plan
  • Saying goodbye to the press releases and introducing new media protocols and internal news agency approaches
  • Internal Communications: best approaches and media choices
  • Content Strategy: how to write a plan, program for a strategy and bring others along to use the plan
  • Team Communication: how to break down barriers to success to create high-productivity teams
  • Crisis Planning: proactive approaches to dealing with institutional challenges
  • Leadership Transitions: How to  communicate about the transition of a CEO and the introduction of a new leader
  • Executive Communications: how to staff and provide communications assistance for your CEO - from internal communications to speechwriting, video and social media choices
  • Social Media Strategy: how to best use social tools, adapt language, incorporate robust visuals and evaluate success

In addition, Luanne Lawrence has written magazine stories, video scripts, fund-raising materials, Web site copy, social content and speeches and is able to provide imaginative storytelling support to her clients. 


Case study: Miami University of ohio


When the whole team talks, great things happen

The Miami University University Communications and Marketing Department had a "failure to communicate." For years, they operated in silos and except at the leadership level, there was little connection to each other and to projects. 

But the team came together for the first time around a new shared project. Nicknamed the "Journey Super Story," a team of writers, designers, photographers, editors, videographers, news and social media communicators joined together for a multi-dimensional approach to a story. Visit that final product and see how the idea of one, executed by many, not only built team work, but honored the subjects they were promoting. 

As a sense of team developed, the entire division began to talk and link together in projects. Soon, they were tackling national media approaches, internal communications reconstruction and tying their work to the university's greater goals.