Coaching and Professional Development

Investment equals lower turnover

From Gen X'ers who are confounded by Millennials to Boomers who don't understand the habits of Gen Z/IGen'ers, the workplace culture has become more complex. By 2020, the workplace will have five generations of employees working together - all different in their styles and the ways they communicate. LML Marketing and Communications frequently works with teams to build camaraderie and to assess and train in new skills needed for the digital marcom office. From serving as an executive coach to working with presidents and CEOs on their external relations style and skills, Luanne Lawrence offers personal and team coaching. She has also provided extensive training in areas like:

  • Change Management
  • Generational Communications Styles
  • Conflict Management
  • Blending the traditional and digital approaches to marcom work
  • Using technology to communicate internally and externally
  • Personal development and career advancement
  • Project coaching (how to write a marketing plan; communicate about a bond measure; develop a crisis communications plan; redesign a magazine; etc.)

Turnover is expensive. Coaching and training is an investment in keeping your team together and strengthening their ability to work together and in ways that are authentic to their strengths. 


Case Study: Chaffey College

Young, talented team and a successful bond measure

Chaffey College, a large, three-campus community college system in Southern California, was about to embark upon a $700 million bond measure campaign. With no experience in advancing such a large public measure, LML Marketing and Communications worked with a young, energetic and talented team to develop a strategy, plan and tactical approaches to educating the voters about what the measure could mean to the College's 30,000 students. Through a retreat with the communications department and also with a widely-represented bond team, Luanne Lawrence was able to show them best practices in bond measure education, help them develop a plan after defining their most important audiences, prepare students, faculty and staff to advocate for the measure and to implement a series of hands-on and digital tactics. She coached them each week remotely and reviewed their work. Together, the team developed a plan that felt much larger than one its meager staff and small budget should have been able to produce. And, the result: the measure passed in the 2018 election and Chaffey College is able to add another campus to the region and greatly improve lab and tech space for contemporary job skill developments for its students.