change management

Inclusive change, clear communication and shared goals

It would be challenging to lead in today's tumultuous world without a firm understanding of how to incorporate change, encourage a flexible organization and nimbly develop new skills with the growing tide of tools and approaches emerging in marketing and communications. Because change management has been such an important part of consulting work, Luanne Lawrence became certified as a Prosci™️ Change Management Specialist. Using guidelines around buy-in, leadership adoption and cultural nuancing, she employed not only the knowledge she gained in her coursework, but also her experience in leading teams for 25 years. 

Much of the work in this area falls into several major change categories:

  • Preparing teams for new skills and technologies
  • Adapting to new leadership
  • Moving forward from using traditional tactics to new digital and interactive strategies
  • Peaceful coexistence and appreciative teamwork among generations with differing values
  • Conflict resolution among team members or between divisions



For more information on the ProSci approach to change management, please visit their site. LML Marketing & Communications uses their ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) approach for best practice efforts in organizational development.

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