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Luanne Lawrence,
CEO & Senior Marketing Consultant

Strategic change management, communications & marketing strategy

Protecting and growing your most valuable asset: Reputation


Education. Nonprofits. Service Organizations. Small Business.

  • You built it, and they didn't come.
  • You know you are doing work that makes a difference, but no one knows.
  • You suspect your organization might not be staffed for success, and you may not have the right talent or resources to get there.  
  • You are running, but the bulls are catching up. You need a plan, but have no time to think that deeply.

You just need a little help in breaking through the day-to-day stresses to prepare for the future. You need to parcel out time for  thoughtful decision making, inclusive communication and choosing the right messages to deliver to your audiences through the right tools.

Having served as a Vice President for several universities, when Luanne Lawrence opened LML Marketing & Communications, LLC, in 2015, she brought years of knowledge about staffing, managing change, writing integrated marketing plans, changing communications dynamics, reacting to crises and a range of daily needs an effective senior leadership team encounters. With that wisdom, she partners and collaborates with her clients - recognizing no culture or organization is the same. And no team needs to be led with the same style.

things we do

Marketing Leadership

·  Building a Marketing Plan That Doesn’t Sit on the Shelf

·  Inclusion, Buy-in and Adoption of Integrated Marketing Plans 

Sleeves-Rolled-Up Marketing

·  Crafting Brands that are Authentic and Inspiring

·  Employing Research to Target Messages that Resonate with Your Audiences

·  Content Strategy - Maximizing all the Tools to Their Best Capacity, even with a small staff

·  Messaging that speaks to a donor's needs

·  Reconnecting members and alumni to your institution

·  Connecting your work to ROI 

·  Helping prospective students and clients see your differential (avoiding the every campus looks like Fall in New England approach)

Maximizing and Empowering Talent

·  Coaching Marketing Leaders and CEOs on Effective Marketing and Communications Approaches

·  Building a uniquely appropriate and Contemporary Marketing & Communications Staffing Structure

·  Sharing A Vision: Creating a Strong Team 


·  Using the Right Tools, Language and Motivational Copy to Reach All Generations

·  Fund-Raising Campaign Communications Strategies, Case Statements and Appeals

·  Writing Content for Social, Traditional, Digital and Interactive and Other Media


Luanne M. Lawrence

CEO & Senior Consultant

Since 2015, Luanne has worked with some of the best educational institutions around the world, providing assistance with marketing planning, communications strategy and organizational change.

25 Years in the Trenches

Before starting her own business, Luanne led marketing and communications divisions for the University of Maine, Oregon State University, University of South Carolina and University of California, Davis.

What we offer



Integrated marketing planning requires strategic thinking about the future, how tools and media consumption will change and what new jobs and skills are needed to support the change.


Source: negativespace.co

Some of the biggest organizational challenges lie in communications: top-down and from the ranks to the senior leaders. Best practice requires different approaches to reaching external and internal audiences and using the right tools and messaging to meet their needs.

Change Management


The only constant is change. New tools, circumstances and preferences disrupt the day-to-day. Creating a nimble structure that fosters continuous learning is the only way to grow and prosper. Institute change in a collaborative and inclusive ways that generate excitement.

Coaching & Professional Development


Sometimes it is a nudge. Sometimes it is a punt. And sometimes it needs a coach to bring an employee out of a funk and into a contemporary environment. Coaching staff who have potential and those who need to update their skills saves organizational time and money and fosters a consistent and healthy culture. 

Organizational & Staffing Assessments

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Staffing the marketing and communications functions of your organization requires an assessment of current skills and a knowledge of best practice. With the rapidly changing environment of communications, technology and the ways that information is consumed, many institutions needs to reposition their offices to support digital and interactive media and content strategy. 

Interim Leadership Services


When a search for a new Vice President or AVP is in process, the work does not stop. Interim leadership that keeps the trains on time while also coaching for change and preparing for a new leader is a big help in transitioning marketing and communications leadership,